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Sun Belt States

Sunny prospects for the Sun Belt States
777 View #6

As outlined in our first 777 View on the U.S., the attractive U.S. real estate…
31. August 2021

Modern urban living
777 View #5

CO-LIVING student residences and micro apartments strike a chord with the new generation of tenants.
19. July 2021

Must have America?
777 View #4

For European investors, the US real estate market offers lucrative opportunities. The U.S. real estate…
5. July 2021

Interview with Ralph Winter & Market Outlook
777 View #3

The second wave of the Covid 19 pandemic again brings with it significant government restrictions.…
19. November 2020

Discussion Panel : Co-Living Insights

To learn more about Co-Living, we invite you to an exciting online panel with leading…
2. November 2020

Key Success Factors for Co-Living
777 View #2

Co-Living is a remarkable asset class within real estate and offers benefits on various levels.…
22. October 2020
777 Capital Partners AG - Co-Living

Co-Living, an innovative living concept
777 View #1

Demonstrated COVID-resistant rental and transaction markets, Combines living, community and services.
15. October 2020