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W5 Group | USA

An exclusive partnership with the Family Investment Office W5 Group

The W5 Group is the Family Investment Office of Ralph Winter. Its real estate investment focus is on innovative living projects in the USA. The investment strategy is long term oriented, with the aim to generate attractive risk-return adjusted yields, coupled with sustainable capital gains. We are excited to offer our investment partners exclusive access to deals of the W5 Group in the USA.

Dedicated Investment Team, specialized in the US residential market


Investment professionals in New York, Washington DC und Miami


Transaction volume in 2020

Structural change

The W5 Group focuses on residential real estate projects which meet the needs of the modern tenant generation. The U.S. offers ideal economic conditions, a dynamic rental market and attractive returns for real estate investors.


Number of total tenants in the USA


Current demand for rental housing in the USA


Affordability, community, flexibility, design and technology

While much of real estate returns in Europe are supported by leverage, the U.S. still offers real and substantial value creation potential.

Ralph WinterFounder W5 Group

Investment Strategy

W5 Group has special, off-market access in the U.S. and expertise in the development of modern housing

The team in New York, Washington DC and Miami focuses on the ever-increasing demands of modern tenants. Large, urban markets have been impacted by the pandemic and offer lucrative investment opportunities. In parallel, growth markets have been strengthened by the pandemic and have become even more attractive for immigration from highly taxed and fiscally challenged states.

Track Record

W5 Group has completed a significant number of Innovative Living transactions in the U.S. in just a few years.

Co-Living Development
New York City

Washington DC



Investment Focus


Growth markets and the suburbs have benefited from the pandemic. Aging Millennials are seeking better housing with more space and better school systems.

Single-family Rentals

Historically high home prices, limited access to credit, and an aging society have created increasing demand for single-family homes to rent.

Student Housing

Purpose-built properties are required to supplement old and limited stock. The ever-increasing demand of purpose-built housing with common areas and amenities are essential to meet the expectations of younger generations.


Co-living caters to the young sharing economy and modern consumer preferences. This segment is growing strongly, especially after the pandemic. It offers tenants in metropolitan areas affordable living space combined with a 24/7 live, work and share environment.

We offer exclusive access to investment opportunities in the U.S. residential market