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Discussion Panel

Co-Living Insights

To learn more about Co-Living, we held an exciting online panel with leading experts from this sector. The panelists shared first-hand experience and detailed insights from this special asset class. Besides leading international investors, we will also had QUARTERS participate, the largest Co-Living operator in Europe and the US. Topics to be discussed:

How does Co-Living meet the needs of today's young tenants?

Lifestyles have evolved dramatically in recent decades, but conventional real estate is still stuck in traditional models. This has created a demand and supply gap in the market.

How is Co-Living is a compelling opportunity for investors?

Efficient design and operations help landlords to improve long-term sustainability and maximize returns on their assets.

What is the need for digital services for young tenants?

Real estate has been slow to digitize operations. Co-living is at the forefront of technology adoption and is streamlining the rental process for both landlords and renters.

How the pandemic has validated the Co-Living model.

The asset class has proven its resiliency during one of most uncertain global economic backdrops in decades.

What is the outlook on the Co-Living sector?

Perspectives on how the Co-Living industry will evolve in the years ahead.

Esther Bahne

Co-CEO and CMO


Ralph Winter

Founder & Principal

777 Capital Partners

Frank Pörschke

Former President


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