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777 Capital Partners GmbH | Europe

Experienced experts in the real estate industry

We are a principal-owned real estate investment partnership. Our philosophy is to offer our partners and clients access to unique investment solutions, supported by our industry specialists, who capitalize on our knowledge and competitive advantages.

Prior to the inception of 777 Capital Partners, our founders and the investment team together have generated a successful track record over several years and companies

›15 bn

Capital Raised
Across the investor relations team and principals


Micro-Living Units
Built and/or managed across the team and principals

The Principals and their Track Record

Experts in Innovative Housing & Value-Add Transaction

The firm has been founded by the entrepreneurs Ralph Winter, Thomas Landschreiber and Micha Blattmann, who have been dominant and pioneering innovative living players in the real estate industry for over 30 years. With our deep-rooted network in the industry and extensive market experience, we are uniquely positioned to originate and manage deep value creation projects.

Ralph Winter


Ralph is a successful serial entrepreneur and global real estate investor who co-founded Corestate Capital Group, one of Europe’s largest listed real estate platforms.

Ralph was a pioneer in investing, developing, and managing serviced living, student housing and micro apartments. He amassed large- scale portfolios (over 40,000 units) in those sectors before they became mature, institutional asset classes. Ralph was involved in transactions worth over EUR 30bn. Notable transactions include GSW (EUR 2.1bn) in Berlin, BauBeCon (EUR 1.2bn) in Hanover, numerous distressed real estate portfolios (EUR 0.8bn) and building a retail portfolio (EUR 1bn).

In recent years, Ralph built up his personal real estate business in the US focusing on the innovative living sector with a portfolio in select gateway cities and high-growth markets.

Ralph is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Real Estate Management Institute (REMI) of the European Business School and the IREBS Immobilienakademie. He serves on the Board of Directors of Best Buddies and is heavily involved in PowerMyLearning and Youth Against Aids.

Thomas Landschreiber


Thomas has more than 32 years experience in the real estate industry. He co-founded Corestate Capital Group, one of Europe’s largest real estate platforms, which is listed on the SDAX. He was on the group’s Board of Directors for the first 15 years, delivering consistent market returns in various European countries, while being Chief Investment Officer. Thomas was an European pioneer in student housing as well as micro apartments, developing large scale portfolios (over 40,000 units) before the sector became a mature, institutional asset class.

Prior to co-launching Corestate Capital Group, Thomas acted as a Senior Investment professional at Cerberus Capital, being involved in landmark transactions across Germany. Prior to that, he worked for major closed-end fund initiators and managed the debt financing for the property development business at a large bank for eight years.

As Principal, Thomas is part of the Investment Committee and manages the entire investment process of 777 Capital, from deal sourcing, acquisition, due diligence, financing, asset management and the final exit sale of the investments.

Micha Blattmann


Micha Blattmann was Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Corestate Capital Group (listed on SDAX in Frankfurt), from 2015 until mid of 2020. He is co-founder of Vicenda Asset Management AG, a private debt specialist in Switzerland, with focus on alternative financing and private debt investments. In addition, he is Board Member of M&G International Switzerland AG. Over the course of his career, Micha originated and executed complex structured finance transactions in excess of USD 5bn.

Micha held various positions within capital markets divisions of Merrill Lynch Capital Markets and UBS. Previously, he worked as a lawyer at Bär & Karrer and Andersen Legal. Micha holds a licentiate of law of the University of Zurich and a master (LL.M.) of University of California, Los Angeles, School of Law.

Micha is Principal and Chairman of the Board of 777 Capital Partners.

Our founders and investment team have built a successful track record over several years and companies prior to 777 Capital Partners; this is now being pursued at 777 Capital Partners.

Innovative Living

The principals started their innovative living engagement with student housing projects over a decade ago. They soon moved on to expand their activities to serviced apartments and co-living. They identified key socioeconomic and generational drivers for the residential sector early on, offering unexploited long-term value creation potential for their investment partners.

Selected transactions that have been responsibly implemented by and with our founders in the past in various companies in the field of innovative living:

Projects that Ralph Winter and Thomas Landschreiber have successfully executed as founders, shareholders, CIO and/or as senior advisors of Corestate Capital Holding S.A.:







Projects in which 777 Capital Partners and / or its founders have invested into:




In the commercial sector, our principals’ focus has been on bottom-up investment opportunities – seeking to invest in assets that can be acquired at a discount due to unidentified or correctable value potential. They now look back at a long track record of successful office and retail investments over the last two decades. This includes numerous successfully exited club deals and joint ventures, as well as large portfolios for institutional investment partners.

Selected transactions that have been responsibly implemented by our founders in the past in various companies in the commercial real estate sector:

Projects that Ralph Winter and Thomas Landschreiber have successfully executed as founders, shareholders, CIO and/or as senior advisors of Corestate Capital Holding S.A.:

United Kingdom





Projects in which 777 Capital Partners have invested into:

Nuremberg Region


Our Values

Boutique setup

An agile boutique is the best setup to capitalize on real estate opportunities. An entrepreneurial framework is crucial for successful origination and value creation. Our extensive experience paired with our broad network of best-in-class partners enables us to solve sophisticated and complex real estate situations.

Sociodemographic focus

The world around us is changing at an astounding pace. Demographic changes, an increase in quality and service expectations, an ageing society, technology and sustainable considerations currently lead to monumental changes in society and how we live or work. We are pioneers in leveraging these changes to generate value for our investment partners.

Active investing

We don’t just allocate; we actively invest our partners’ capital. We focus on investments where a hands-on management approach maximizes returns. Whilst many investors look at real estate to preserve wealth, we focus on growing our partners’ capital via short to mid-term projects, seeking opportunities with an attractive risk-return profile.


The firm is wholly owned by its principals, who control all strategic and operational decisions. This results in a distinct and valuable alignment of interest with our investment partners and creates proper incentives to meet or exceed investment objectives. The teams’ compensation is tied to the performance of the investments under their management and to the degree to which they meet investor objectives.


Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations are key to everything we do. We believe that integrating these factors in our investment processes leads to superior investment outcomes over the long-term. Whether it is protecting and growing the capital of our investment partners, creating value for our principals or aligning interests with business partners, we are committed to supporting sustainable practices that generate positive environmental and social impact – not just now, but for years to come.

Sustainability considerations, both environmental and social, are critical for our real estate investments. These drive our capital allocation process whenever possible. We believe that a sustainable strategic focus will reinforce that strong financial returns and long-term positive impact can be mutually reinforcing.

We are a real estate boutique with a partnership- and service-centric mindset.