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What We Do

We identify and execute opportunistic off-market real estate deals

Alongside with our investment partners, we invest in assets that can be acquired at a discount due to market dislocations, identifiable and correctable impairments or where we see a value potential that is not anticipated by the market.

Our hands-on asset management approach and targeted value enhancement initiatives ensure limited return variability and produce strong economic assets. We cover the full spectrum of the real estate sector, looking at both equity and debt investment opportunities for our investment partners.

Opportunistic / Special situation

777 Capital Partners is able to invest along the full capital structure in a range of asset classes and locations. With our flexible capital and broad experience, we can execute both equity and debt transactions.

The team’s background in distressed real estate and NPL investing also allows us to step into nonperforming projects such as distressed developments and NPLs. We are also flexible to invest into ongoing projects along the existing owner based on a mutual partnership.

Innovative Living

We develop assets which cater to the continuously increasing needs and expectations of our society.

In consideration of the continuous socio-demographic changes and new expectations driven by the younger generations, we focused on addressing this market gap over a decade ago, making us pioneers in the innovative living sector.

With a continuously evolving society, urbanization and more mobile lifestyle, new residential concepts are more sought after than ever before. This concerns a broad range of residential assets, from student housing, micro apartments, serviced apartments and co-living. We develop and convert existing assets to offer community and increased well-being to tenants, while ensuring an efficient use of scarce land in metropolitan areas.

Key factors we consider for residential projects


Can we generate sustainable returns through catering to the ever more mobile lifestyles of the 21st century?


Can we offer platforms and activities that promote human connection, which have become highly valuable in today’s fast-paced urban world?


Considering the increased cost of living in cities, can we provide affordable products within close proximity to employment, entertainment, culture and education?


Can we save costs by streamlining processes such as leasing, maintenance, community building, marketing, apartment access through technological innovation?


Can we increase densification when we build or convert to become more efficient and generate higher yields?


Can we implement efficient, flexible floorplans and well-designed interiors to cater to the residents’ overall experience and increase the value of our assets?

Our Approach

Innovative living is tailored to the global community and young generation with continuously higher expectations. By bringing together convenience, flexibility and community, we cater to the needs and desires of the younger generations.

Innovative Living will unstoppably change the residential sector over the next 50 years. Digital services, more flexibility and increased community thinking describe the new consumer demand. Core values are being created with excellent value enhancement potential.


We apply expertise and local know-how to enhance capital value, increase cash flow and reduce risk.

We target inefficiencies in the real estate markets, ranging from the actual structure, financing situation, daily operation or strategic use of the asset. We focus on special situations which require flexible, quick decision processes and / or a hands-on management approach to increase the asset’s fundamental value and cash flow. Our asset management experts can execute our outset business plans but can also flexibly adapt to changing market conditions, in close collaboration with the investment partners.

Our Approach

Investing in private equity real estate has been a cornerstone of our principals over the past 30 years. We focus on identifying highly profitable investment opportunities, working with trusted best in-class local partners to execute our carefully and diligently designed business plans.

Market knowledge and local experience are key determining factors for our investment decisions.

Off-Market Sourcing

Our investment team has substantial experience in asset origination across most real estate sectors.

We are able to identify unique off-market Value Add and Opportunistic investment opportunities in the DACH region, in-line with the investment requirements of our investors. During the acquisition stage, our investment team can support across the entire transaction process, including underwriting, due diligence, financing and deal execution. This offers our investment partners the flexibility to delegate only parts or the full process to us.

Our Approach

In today’s market, quite a significant share of real estate assets is only presented to a small circle of potential buyers. With our extensive network in the DACH region, we are uniquely positioned to identify and source assets for our partners. This service relates predominantly to Value Add and Opportunistic type assets.

Access to an extensive sourcing network such as family offices and institutional investors is key to access high quality off-market assets.

How to invest

Depending on our investment partners expectations and requirements, 777 Capital Partners is flexible to accommodate most structuring solutions currently available.

Club Deals

Co-investments have become a popular way to access unique investment opportunities, offering detailed insights into the business plan and full transparency over fees.

Club Deal investment partners tend to be very savvy real estate investors who prefer to delegate to a General Partner for challenging projects. In this setup, they still maintain control, as Limited Partner majority consent is still required if substantial changes occur (e.g. earlier sale, change of strategy due to market changes).

Joint Ventures

Joint Ventures (JV) bring together two investing partners with complementary investments interests, expertise and resources.

JVs provide access to transactions of a size and scale which may be beyond the equity allocation capacity or strategy of an individual party. JV partners usually share equal parts of the equity. As equal partners in the JV, all decisions must be taken jointly.


We are flexible to also accommodate other investors requirements.

Separately managed accounts, alternative funds and securitized products are possible. Please reach out to us to discuss any individual requirements you may have for yourself or your clients.

Acquisition Profile

Asset classes
Residential (Residential, Senior Living, Co-Living, Micro-Living, Serviced Apartments), Office, Light Industrial, Hotel & Serviced Apartments
Risk class
Opportunistic and value-add, also ongoing or unfinished development projects
Minimum EUR 15 million Total investment costs
German A-cities (incl. suburbs) as well as German B, C and D-cities in economically strong regions
Investment structure
· Direct equity investments · Purchase of debt/NPLs · JV structures (incl. provision of know-how in the areas of development and financing)


777 Capital Partners GmbH
OpernTurm | Bockenheimer Landstrasse 2-4
60306 Frankfurt am Main | Germany

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